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"(in the Big Bang theory) the primordial matter of the universe, originally conceived as composed of neutrons at high temperature and density." Image synthesis techniques based on nonlinear signal flows (aka 'chaos') evoke fundamental energies and particles of our universe.

This low key approach to post-apocalyptic cinepoetry takes a tour through an abandoned structure in a depleted land, where imagination seems to be the only hope.

Algorithmic piano composition meets aleatoric video processing in this no budget music video. This is an endurance work, in the tradition of many audiovisual compositions, such as Michael Snow's Wavelength, that ask a lot from a listener-viewer in terms of time invested and mental expenditure. The complexity of the music composition (based on AI and machine learning tools) is joined to a visual gestalt which, while undergoing continuous variation, remains firmly within the effortless perceptual bounds of short-term memory (the cat-on-a-piano image processing).

Phenomenology in the Design of Melody Generating Algorithms

A not quite in sync with the beat mediation on the relationship between music and internet memes with subtle overtones of dwelling on our own mortality. This is part of a series of works exploring the use of game engines for producing no budget music videos.

A sci-fi apocalyptic vision and no budget music video produced with royalty free video clips and original hypnotic video synthesis effects.

A no budget music video mixing personal footage of a roller derby, video dance, bespoke image processing and royalty free stock footage. The video is a metaphor for life, with lots of falling down and getting back up! Thank you Dancer Layla Sun : )

A no budget music video and robot narrative montage consisting of royalty free and video clips. The robo-protagonists struggle to achieve mastery of physical dexterity against a backdrop of robo-nostalgia and high-tech music making.

Minecraft Steve solo dancing with music-reactive voronoi visual effects in a no budget music video.

This no budget music video is comprised of a stereo spectrographic waveform. I suppose it does have phallic connotations in its imagery, but that is a byproduct of the waveform visualization, since the mix profile is of the ‘smiling face’ variety — i.e., low midrange levels compared to higher levels of bass and high end frequencies. Phallic images, however, are amongst the most revered, ancient and sacred of mythological symbols. I did get an email from a YouTube censor stating that this video contained ‘shocking content’ but I appealed their ban and the video is still live on their platform : )

Beaches, Dance Clubs and intimations of Violence in the atmosphere. This no budget music video uses entirely royalty free video clips, with some occasionally added post-processing effects.

This is a no budget music video comprised of clips downloaded from Aesthetically it's double-appropriation, then, since I am appropriating media that has previously been appropriated. The music uses sound elements produced through chaos-theory based synthesis, and other electronic music goodness.

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