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The PIXELPHONICS Audiovisual Colocation Display System

The prototype is currently at Technology Readiness Level 4 (proof of concept in lab environment).

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Vibrating screen concept: the screen is the sound emitter. 2D array of sound exciters maps audio in the image. 32 8 Ohm 25-watt exciters give 800 watts full spectrum output. Shown below: the array of exciters on the backside of the screen, 32 Dayton Audio DAEX58FPs.

Current Prototype, 8’ x 4’ 3mm thick Alupanel (projection based system).

Positions of the audio exciters are obtainable on the front side of the screen via the magnetic properties of the audio drivers. Shown below are metal binder clips magnetized to the display surface.

Custom 32 channel audio amplifier. The amplifier is designed to take the D-Sub analog output of an Orion 32. 32 channels of audio are obtainable from the computer via a single USB cable. One ideal use of the system is for PC games.

Conducting perceptual experiments with the system.

Simple colocative visual synthesizer demonstration content.

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