Curriculum Vitae
My Loupe Art Streaming Channel

Introducing Optophonia

A Real-Time Motion Graphics Environment for Performance Visuals, NFTs and Beyond

Optophonia is an audiovisual app for Mac and PC, a creator community and an NFT marketplace for the production, curation and dissemination of visual music. Optophonic art involves the temporal composition of moving images produced in tandem with music production. The centerpiece software is based on Unreal Engine’s leading edge real-time graphics capabilities. We are developing a toolset based on Unreal that allows for fast and intuitive experimentation and performance of interactive and generative visuals for music contexts.

Emplace AV
Audiovisual colocation media player

This open source software supports media playback of up to 32 WAV audio files synchronized with one video file. Developed for the Pixelphonics display system, which colocates sounds with their visual cues in projected video, the software is based on my PhD research and will be updated periodically on GitHub.

Emplace Unity
Unity plug-in for audiovisual colocation of gaming content. Under development.

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